Discovering the Warmth of Staab & Sons, Inc.

Every story initiates from a place, some begin from bustling cities while others start in tranquil towns. Our tale unfolds in the heart of our humble neighborhood, a place we have embraced and served for years – Staab & Sons, Inc.

Your Neighborhood Heating and Furnace Specialist

Through thick and thin, in biting winter colds, and chilly drafty mornings, your comfort has been our pursuit, our mission. We are not just any heating repair and furnace replacement company, we are part of this community and we credit our success to this bond. We’ve been your neighbor, ensuring your house transforms into your warm and cozy haven against the frosty weather.

For decades, we have been honing our skills, updating our knowledge, and upgrading our tools to ensure we serve you with the latest, most sustainable, and cost-effective heating solutions. As members of this community, we believe every resident, every family, deserves to enjoy the warmth of a secure and efficient heating system, be it a new installation or heater instal.

A Legacy of Heating Solutions

Staab & Sons, Inc. does not just represent a business—We are a legacy. As a family-owned company, we’ve passed on our dedication and expertise from generation to generation, ensuring that our quality of service remains untarnished. Our extensive experience lends us the wisdom to understand your unique needs and the expertise to meet them.

Our team does not just replace your old furnace and install new heaters, but we also help you choose the best system for your home and budget, operate the system optimally, and maintain it for maximum efficiency and longevity. We are your partners in creating a warm and inviting home.

More Than a Business – We Are Staab & Sons, Inc.

We firmly believe in nurturing ties with our community, beyond solely professional relationships. With each successful heating repair, each efficient furnace replacement, and every heater install, our bond grows stronger with you.

At Staab & Sons, Inc., we are your neighbor. We are your friend. We are your family. And above all, we are your reliable heating solutions provider.